Idrone Insights company

Idrone Insights provides professional drone based solutions in various domains including Surveying & Mapping, Civil Infrastructure, Mining & Aggregates, Construction, Power & Utilities, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue and Precision Agriculture

Idrone Insights develops a range of multi purpose platforms, payloads and software and provides professional training to companies and professional pilots

Idrone Insights specialize in:

Customization of drones to meet various challenges such as flight duration, load weight, flight capacity in extreme climatic conditions, control ranges, particularly silent drones, variable control channels, indoor spaces and applications for special missions.
Customization and development of special payloads such as night and day cameras, delivery/dropping of loads and more.
Algorithm development and customized applications: automatic movement detection of human beings/animals, change detection in controlled fields, development of autonomous capacities.
Imaging and mapping: customization of imaging and mapping applications, full service imaging and mapping.

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